I am parveen kuamr sharma dierctor of M/s. JHINGALALA AQUATECH PVT. LTD. RECENTLY i have opened a current account in the name of company on 24th may,2018. My company CA account no. 918020047258210 and customer no. 882449508. till today i have not recieved my bank account kit.my branch is JANAKPURI,BB BLOCK,NEW DELHI. AND also no response from bank. pls tell me without my banking kit how can do my business. Mr. Ranjan an employee of Branch his phone no. 8375045051 assure me that bank kit would be reached in 4-5 days before account open. Now he has no answer. so poor service from branch and bank that i cant expect.pls do some thinng.




Activa 125 – Vehical number – DL6S AW3252

I have met with a small accident and got a claim and asked service center to keep activa 125 for 10 days to recover it but they have misplaced my activa 125 accessories & i begged them & requested a lot afterwords they said we will try to attached with the older one which we have with us and i requested to manager their they have attached with older one.
Also, my Indicator light horn was damaged by them and they said it happens during the vehicle washing as we cannot do it anything in this and will not help you to fix it. I said it was working earlier it is not my fault if it is damaged by you. You need to recover it back and help to fix it but they denied.
It is a really worst experience for me I am mentally harassed by them and they always to want to sale some new warranty card but don’t see the customer happiness & services.
Ravinder Kumar

care—irctc.co.in Payment made But ticket not booked ||AMOUNT NOT CREDITED BACK.


I tried ( 2 times ) to book Tatkal ticket from PBH TO JODHPUR JUNCTION On date 06-06-2018 . Payment was made TWO TIMES But ticket not booked even a single time.Total INR. 2480 RUPEES .In refund status show that amount is refund to bank But till now NOT credited back to my account.
please help me AS SOON AS POSSIBLE.
TRANSACTION ID : ( 1 ) 100001298608940
( 2 ) 100001298608709

MO NO: 8320503997

Indianbulls waste service (Amount not credited)

I am getting a run around and not able ascertain the status of disbursement. I received the message on 7th May from India bulls after submitting the self attested documents on 6th that my loan has been approved and credit has been initiated to your account and reflect in my account within 1 working day. I have called the call centre multiple times but I have been advised that disbursement is in process and they don’t know the delay so kindly wait. I have seen most of the people who applied for Dhani loan are facing same issues. If there is a problem in system then why not be specific on disbursal information. I hate to say I have escalated to Grievance and posted on FB but the team says we have escalated and some will get back to me which is not happening.

Vikas N Bobade


MPPKMVVCL Unnussuary electric bill without connection

दिनांक 10/06/2018
आदरणीय ,
विषय: बिना बिजली कनेक्शन के ही लगातार बिजली बिल भेजा जाना । सम्बंधित विद्युत् वितरण अधिकारी
Madhya Pradesh Paschim Kshetra Vidyut Vitaran Company
मैं संतोष श्रीराम खत्री स्थाई पता: बी/४०७ पद्मावती अपेर्टमेंट नारायण नगर भायंदर वेस्ट थाणे पिन कोड 401101 महाराष्ट्र व अस्थाई पता: पाती मिश्रान, हनुमना, रिवा, मध्यप्रदेश मैंने दिनांक को मेरे पाती मिश्रान, हनुमना, रिवा, मध्यप्रदेश वाले घर में बिजली लगाने हेतु आवेदन किया था।
परंतु अचानक कुछ जरुरी काम आ जाने के कारण मुझे आवेदन देने के ठीक दूसरे ही दिन ही अपने स्थाई पते जैसा मैंने ऊपर लिखा है वहां जाना पड़ा। जिस कारण मुझे बिजली जुड़वाने के लिए समय नहीं मिला।
परंतु आपकी तरफ से दिनांक ११/०२/१७ को मुझे मोबाइल एस. एम. एस द्वारा बिजली का बिल भेजा गया जिसे देखकर मैं काफी हैरान हो गया क्योंकि मेरी समझ में ये नहीं आ रहा था कि अब तक तो कोई वायर भी मेरे घर में नहीं डाला गया था और न ही मेरे वहा के घर पे कोई है जिसने डलाया होगा और न ही बिजली कनेक्शन जोड़ने हेतु कभी किसी ने मुझसे बात की हो और न तो मैंने भी कभी किसी से इस संदर्भ में बात की और तो और मेरे घर पे ी ताला लगा है। तो फिर ये बिल कैसे आया जो इस प्रकार था
SANTOSH KHATRI 70-15 IVRS 5347031939889 के लिए रु 2771 का जारी हुआ है भुगतान की अंतिम तिथि 20-Feb. MPPKVVCL-JBP
ये ऊपर दिए मैसेज पढ़कर मैंने सोचा की मैं जून या जुलाई में तो वहाँ जा ही रहा हु तब लिखित शिकायत दे दूंगा परंतु
आपकी तरफ से दिनांक १९/०५/१७ को फिर एक बार मोबाइल एस. एम. एस द्वारा बिजली बिल भेजा गया जो इस प्रकार था।
SANTOSH KHATRI 70-15 IVRS 5347031939889 आपका बिजली बिल रु 7050 अंतिम तिथि 22-May.यदि भुगतान किया जा चुका है तो ध्यान न दें MPPKVVCL-JBP
आपकी तरफ से दिनांक 11/5/18 को फिर एक बार मोबाइल एस. एम. एस द्वारा बिजली बिल भेजा गया जो इस प्रकार था।
SANTOSH KHATRI 70-15 IVRS 5347031939889 आपका बिजली बिल रु 13684 अंतिम तिथि 21-May.यदि भुगतान किया जा चुका है तो ध्यान न दें MPPKVVCL-JBP
आपकी तरफ से दिनांक 7/6/18 को फिर एक बार मोबाइल एस. एम. एस द्वारा बिजली बिल भेजा गया जो इस प्रकार था।
SANTOSH KHATRI 70-15 IVRS 5347031939889 आपका बिजली बिल रु 13684 अंतिम तिथि 22-Jun.यदि भुगतान किया जा चुका है तो ध्यान न दें MPPKVVCL-JBP
अतः किसी कारण वश मुझे अपने अस्थाई पता रिवा हनुमना आने में विलम्ब हो रहा है अतः इस ईमेल के माध्यम से मैं आपको सूचित व् सहायता हेतु आवेदन कर रहा हु।
कृपया मेरी मदद करे और बिना बिजली कनेक्शन के भी दिन ब दिन इस प्रकार के बिजली बिल आने की समस्या से निजात दिलाये व आगे से फिर ऐसा न हो इसलिए इसे दुरुस्त करने की कृपा करे। प्रार्थी
संतोष श्रीराम खत्री
मोबाइल क्र. 09987055084
ईमेल आईडी : [email protected]

Pan card item bolk

Consignment Number
Booked At Booked On Destination Pincode Tariff Article Type BPC UTI KOKAN BHAVAN 15/05/2018 301402 0.00 Register Letter
Event Details For : RM602244656IN Current Status : Bag Opened at JAIPUR RMS (CRC) Date Time Office Event
16/05/2018 12:22:11 JAIPUR RMS (CRC) Bag Opened
16/05/2018 11:32:44 JAIPUR RMS (CRC) Bag Received
15/05/2018 12:51:35 BPC UTI KOKAN BHAVAN Item Bagged to JAIPUR RMS (CRC) 15/05/2018 12:27:04 BPC UTI KOKAN BHAVAN Item Booked

club factory Customer service toll free number 7873416411

i ordered one jacket and one bag i received only bag .still i did not received jacket pls give me club factory customer care number( 9064205480).
i ordered in nov 3 my order number is 9064205480 it all redy became one and half month please at least refund my amount or please deliver the jacket pls.but in application its showing order is delivered .and contacted gati hotline they said from club factor we did not received your item when we get we give u.please help


My name is Ranjini and I have purchased onida air conditioner in chennai on 11 th july 2017 and when I faced an issue in my AC ON 05/06/2018. I called the onida customer care and a person by name Naveen attended the service and he was told me that,the floran net from out door unit was loosen so that ,the gas was completely gone out.I really surprised and asked him how the net was loosed? but that was not told any reason but asked cash for fill of gas.
My question is, iam doing installation,service only by onida service pupils.Then how can the net was loosen?
I called the customer care of onida again and informed everything I have also registered a complaint on complaint number 1806G466380101and I have also informed everything through mail to onida for which there is no response .
I am totally tired because of the onida Service they are not responding to any of my mails and just taking complaints through phone and informing that they shall resolve the same