Phoenix ARC Private Limited Not used any credit card of this company

I have not used your company credit card at all.
I have not received anything as u have mentioned in civil report. Kindly remove my name.
Give the details how do u claim.
U r saying account number-R1CA527146
Please give all the details.
Remove my name.
Give me proof.
I don’t have any credit cards from them.
Please give the details to prove it.
Please remove my name from cibil

cox and kings Not communicating wih passengers

Dear Sir/Madam


I have booked holiday to Malaysia and Singapore with your company 5 to 6 weeks ago and I have paid money completely . I have called your office several times to find out where we are up to. Two family travelling on 11th Dec, hardly 7 days left, till now we have not received any travelling documents at all.
I am not happy with your service what I am getting.


Dr Patil

Fake doctor Verma Clinic — fake doctor (jhola chhap doctor)

There is a fake doctor named Geeta Verma, Verma’s Clinic practising at Najafgarh Rd, Old Roshanpura Extension, Block E, New Roshanpura, Najafgarh, Delhi, 110043 She is neither having any license nor any medical qualification.
She is making people fool from several years on the name of mbbs doctor. she only 12th pass. Pls take action against him before any one die due to his wrong treatments.
she is residence address:- A-19, 2nd floor,shyam vihar ph-2, near mata mandhir 40 feet road new delhi

City Montessori School Student harshment

Respected sir, marae beta Aryan Chanchal Cms LDA mai class 6A mai parta hai mere bacche ki Nov month Ki fee na jama honae kai Karan class mai nahi bathaya ja raha hai Maine class teacher ko phone par inform kar diya tha Ki kinhi Karan vas Nov month Ki fee nahi jama ho payi mai mai 5./6 tak Nov and Dec don Ki fee jama kar dungi mai written mai bhi principal mam ko dekae aayi head office mai Mrs vandna sai mili parantu unhonae bahut hi rudely behave kiya Aur kha Ki pahlae fee fijaye fi r bachha school bhajae 11 sal kai chotae sai Bachae kai sath I’s taraha ka vayawar kaya think hai aap late fee fine latae hai school ko him SMS ka paid kartae hai par unahne hame yah SMS nahi bhajae Ki fee jama na honae par apaka Bachae ko parai sai vanchit rakha jayaga

Fortis Hospitals – Cunningham Road Cheating the people

As im Baskar Son of Pushaparaj hence my dad was admitted in Fortis Hospital for urinary infection it not been 48 hours they have charged 75,000/- therefore they charged for blood investigation 22,000/-.When we raise our question to show clarify our doubt, they are suggesting that they used 102 cloves for this one patient, they made us to wait the whole day for one clarification so that people will be less, the patient from past last night he his suffering from pain no appropriate care and medicine are given.The Fortis Hospital are not having the true concern and respect towards a life only highly having potential to collect money.I request the concern person to go through our immediate request and take action as soon as possible so this problem never arises again.

Uber Kolkata reluctant driver

Dear Uber,

I booked an uber on 02.12.2017 at 18.26 pm from "Metro Cash and Carry", Nitai Nagar, Mukundapur. My allotted driver Afsar came to the pickup point and sat in the car, toying with his phone without offering assistance to load the baggage. Then he drove out of the premises before starting the trip. When he realized he couldn’t "start the trip at all", he then informed my partner and me that an issue had arisen.
In the argument that ensued when he showed his phone to prove he couldn’t start the trip, I realized that the name on his phone was some Debojit’s, my name hadn’t even shown up on his app. We repeatedly asked him to refresh his phone and to call up someone and ask for assistance. Afsar either didn’t understand what was being asked of him or he simply didn’t care. He oscillated between sulking like an adamant child and keeping on insisting that NOTHING WAS IN HIS HANDS, THAT HE JUST CAN’T DO ANYTHING ABOUT IT, which aggravated into a heated argument, which could have been avoided had he been more in control, and less aggressive.
Frankly I don’t think he was in the mood to take any passenger anywhere.
We tried getting across to Customer Care. The calls were promptly ended which is really sloppy given that uber advertises 24×7 service and secure travel. All that Customer Care succeeded in doing at that very moment was to add to my panic.
To begin with, Afsar should have informed me of the situation even before taking off. He should have confirmed like other more efficient Uber drivers whether or not I was the person he was supposed to pick up. It was dark, and I was pretty far away from home in a place where finding conveyance is an ordeal. In the argument that ensued, Afsar decided to drive me out of the premises and back to my pick-up point, where he kept insisting I should board off and leave him in peace.
There I was, cancelling a trip, all the while thinking, another 60 bucks will go from my pocket for the cancellation, for no fault of my own.
He didn’t even have the decency of waiting till I could get myself another uber which anohter uber driver had previously done(to whom I am grateful).
So I ended up
* in the middle of nowhere
* with an inept, pessimistic, uncompromising driver
* with neither troubleshooting skills, nor courtesy, nor any sense of humanitarianism.
How does Uber claim YOUR SAFETY IS OUR PRIORITY when one ends up with incidents that leave a bitter taste in the mouth.
Please do something to ensure a few such apples do not end tainting the entire apple cart.
Sincerely Yours.

pytm Consideration request regarding payment with PYTM bank

Please find attached screenshots regarding some issues with PAYTM bank. I have a marchent account with Paytm bank, I have received â¹20000/- from one of my customer on 2nd of this month. Than I transferred that amount (20000/-) to my ICICI bank account on next day (3rd December) of this month. Normally it takes hardly 24hours to sattelment of all this amount or transaction with bank.
But I didn’t got that amount yet, probably it could be technical error but my concern is that no one is there for resolve my request . I have interacted with PAYTM customer care representative but everyone was behaving like ‘we have done our duty now what can we do in this matter , please contact with the bank and blah, blah . Than as per bank representative there is no transaction of â¹20000/- in my account. Now the problem is that PAYTM bank is top most digital banking and if this kind of issues could not be resolved on TIME. than how come any marchant will accept payments through PAYTM bank.

I hope, you all will understand what kind of problem marchant account holders are facing now. Please Find all the attachments and do the that each and every customer would be satisfy with your digital banking services.

MTS MBLAZE Datacard No internet service

Hi ,

Regarding postpaid MTS number 8183047173 about network issue located Vidyaranyapura, Bangalore. From Past 2 months(Fri, 29th September ‘2017) , showing red light only. I had raised so many times that MTS has a issue in connectivity .i.e signal strength is too poor. I had changed the location all.This was happened in the last month also for that also i have the amount.
Last time only 15 days MTS connection, but i had paid full month bill. why i can pay the amout for 4 days if you people provide bad service to me. If this happen again then you are loosing customer.

So look into it and resolve this ASAP.

Thank you,