Deactivate refund BSNL hungama charges

Dear Sir,
On telephonic discussion They gave instruction me for complain any problem in BSNL line & billing information for send sms "BVAS in no. 56677". After sending SMS I got a message in my mobile no 9871339660 that BSNL-HUNGAMA is activate.
Please note that I am not interested to activate in BSNL-HUNGAMA PLAN. & immediate disconnected the scheme & Refund my Money of Rs.382 which is added in my bill for the month of April.
Ekansh Jain

James Toll of NH

Operator (Sourabh) of Sosokhurd Toll plaza NH23 intentionally gave me single journey ticket (ticket No. 500258126 dated 13.05.18) and when I asked him to provide two way ticket. He abused me and also intimidate me. Finally I was forced to go and he told me that not let me pass from the toll today. On returning Journey his friend Sohail with some guards and staffs (ticket No. 200277097 dated 13.05.18) stooped me on toll and let other vehicle go through other gate for 20-30 min. We I told him to call manager. They abused me and try to beat me too. Is this the system of toll management, to beat and intimidate a responsible citizen of India.
I request you to take proper against them. So that they do not do it again with anyone.
Thanking You

Shalini Cloth House ( Gaurav Jain) Borrow 3 Lacs by and Run away to cheat me

My name Aadesh Kumar Gautam living in Shahadra, Delhi
A person whose name is Gaurav Jain had done the fraud with me, along with four other members of his family (mother, wife, 3 children) are also accused of running away with the people’s 1 million rupees.
He took millions of rupees from his known people and relatives, and he used to say that my shop (which is located in the Gandhi Nagar, Delhi) will be closed due to government sealing and for that I have to pay tax if I have not paid tax on time. And my family will come to the road.
At the same time, some people spoke to put money in their clothes business and asked them to return the money by giving profits and gave a check of the date of the next month given amount to give confidence to everyone. And siad the i have lakhs of rupees in my account, but said that because of not having my Aadhaar card link with bank, I am not able to get the money from my account as I have to arrange for taxation.
I and some of my friends gave 6 lakh rupees to help him as a humanity, for which he gave us a 2 month later check of the same amount and in 1-2 months money keeping promise back
After 1 month, when we asked for money back then he started to say that I will return all the money in 10-12 days. And you put this check in your bank after 10 days,so i deposit the check after 12 days but the check was bounced after 14 days and it came to know that he had closed the account and when we went to his house, then from there his family Ran away. Once we thought that maybe he ran away because he could not able to give so much money to all the people at the same time, but the people near his house told us that till now about 20-22 people would come to ask him about it. And he has run away with all the money which is about 1 million. While he was seeing lakh of Rs in his account
please i requesting take a suitable action against my complaint

ap transport faikure of sending smart card DL

Dear Sir I SAI KUMAR SOMAROUTHU applied f and paid the due charges for renewal of DL on 23-04-2018 but I recieved a messagw that DL approved and smart card will be sent to you through speed post even to-day I have not recieved my renewal DL from your end please wake up your staff to dispose my DL Thanking you yours Sincerly SAI KUMAR SOMAROUTHU cell No 9848485933 My Application No AP016131600442018 of 23-04-2018