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Hitachi Complaint - Poor and Over-Charged A/C Servicing

Hi Team,

This is with regards to a hitachi split a/c I purchased one year back from Bajaj Electronics(PUNJAGUTTA-HITACHI HOME) from hyderabad.


Firstly,it has been just over a year since the A/C was purchased that the A/C has broken down. I purchased it in the month of February last year and in the month of February this year my one-year guarantee period was supposed to end. I had blocked my call since I was not available to avail that in that month. However, it was closed without my permission. Secondly, when I did request for the service, the technician who came did a poor job of servicing, which in turn left installation gaps. This led to the gas leak and my A/C broke down the first instance I used in the month of March.

Over and above this I had to pay Rs 900 which is not only exorbitant for A/C servicing but also unheard of in the contemporary A/C servicing market( I can show you invoices of less than 300 for my A/C servicing from Videocon and Samsung). After this I have to pay another Rs 2750 for re-filling of the gas which was caused by one of your service technicians in the first place. Do I have to undergo this exercise every year?? Is this how you strive to meet your top-lines every year by skimming innocent customers of poor servicing

This is extremely unprofessional from a your company claiming to be No.1 in the A/C market. Not only does my family have to suffer in this scorching heat but I have to suffer by paying extra. My sincere and final request to you is to:-
Since I have already paid the 900 for my A/C servicing, at-least have the courtesy to install and refill the A/C gas for free.
Provide me with an additional free service for the next year since I was not able to avail my free service due to "call-closing" by your customer care professional.
I expect a prompt response to this and sincerely hope that you take this matter seriously. I do not want to escalate this matter beyond the customer forum but I will if needed to. Hope to hear from you soon.

Please call at +91-9810261753 or +91-9910707521 in case you need any further details.

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