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GUJARAT UNIVERSITY Complaint - Poor quality instruments in practical exam and misbehaviour of supervisor

Respectable sir,
I am a student of Seth RA bhavans science college pursuing BSc and currently I am in 6 semester in physics stream.
I had my final practical examination on 25th and 27th of April and my centre was RG shah college.
I am writing this letter to inform you about the difficulties which i and all my batch mates faced in the examination.
First of all in my college the instruments are different and well maintained. We are taught to do the practical’s according to the instruments.
However in Rg shah all the instruments are different and all the students faced difficulties in doing the practical’s correctly.
Not only the instruments were different but when the students approached the supervisor, who was the professor of Rg shah, he behaved with us very rudely and disrespectfully. We tried to explain him in all possible and respected way that the instruments are different and some of them are not even working.
However, instead of solving our problem he disrespectfully refused to answer any of our problems and then treated us very badly. He even told us to leave the examination hall if we argued with him.
But this behaviour was only with the boys. In case of girls, the very same professor helped the girls in all possible way and also gave them very good marks. He answered all their problems with any hesitation.
This is the height of sexism, partiality and unacceptable rude behaviour in this college.
When we raised our voices against this partial behaviour we were told to leave the examination and also our exam sheets were marked wrong on the spot. He gave us very less marks without even considering to see our practical results.

Sir i am requesting you that please take necessary action against that supervisor. Also please let students to perform the practical exam in their respective colleges as they face a great problem in performing the practical with instruments which are different than their college instruments.
Thanking you,
A proud student of Gujarat university.

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