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Jet Airways Complaint - Poor services

To whomsoever it may concern:

This is regarding my father Mr. Bhalchandra Raval who traveled from Ahmedabad- Mumbai-London-Toronto on 4th April, 2017. He is 76 years old and is not able to walk a long. For the same we booked wheelchair along with his ticket. At Ahmedabad airport, the facility was provided for wheelchair and he checked in and everything was fine. We see off him. At Mumbai, the man who was leading his wheelchair left him alone at the terminal where all the immigration process to be done. No one was there to take him from one counter to another. Apart from there he was guided that he required to go on 4th floor to complete the procedure. No wheel chair- nothing, although he managed to complete the procedures by himself, walking with little speed. The next stop was London. He informed the air hostess well in advance for management of wheel chair as the time between two flights was very less and the current flight was already 20 minutes late. At the time he took off form the plane, no wheel chair or alternative arrangement was there. He got afraid as he did not want to miss the next flight. He roamed here and there nobody cared, supported or guided. With all his disabilities he managed to reach and catch the flight at last moment.

Not the last stop was Torotnto, Canada. Again a sad episode. No one was there with wheelchair or to support him in spite of advance reminder. He walked himself all the long. Because of his age, he was not even able to carry his baggage by himself. All passengers checked out. He inquired about He waited and waited there but nobody come or asked for any help. He himself tried to carry his baggage and settled them on trolley but the luggage fall down. He literally cried but as he was too much exhausted and want to meet his daughter and relatives waiting outside. He again tried to manage his baggage on the trolley by carrying the bags and came out. When finally he met his daughter, tears were there in his eyes and he was wet with perspiration even in the cold environment.

Now having the return ticket of Jet Airways, he has to come back on 25/9/17 from Toronto-Amsterdam-Mumbai-Ahmedabad. Now he refuses to come alone, he is pressuring us to cancel the ticket. We have purchased the tickets, if we cancel it and buy a new one we are at loss. We have to bear the loss because of the negligence of airline and its services?

Can anyone guide me for the next?

My email id:[email protected]

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