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BMC Mumbai Complaint - Road from Malwani NO8 Mhada to linking road

I wanted to raise the issue road connection from Malwani no. 8 Mhada to Linking road.
Driving from no. 1 to no .8 there is only a single road and get congested taking time and petrol.

When roads all across mumbai and metro is being made it is a shame to BMC and government that they cannot build a small bridge from Malwani no. 8 to Linking road, now with metro work it is really congested, why cannot people paying property tax to BMC cannot have a road from No. 8 with a small bridge over nullah towards linking, We are hearing about mangroves issues for long and hence they cannot build but if they can build structures at various place around mumbai why not this place, it is just a matter of a small bridge.

We are tax paying citizens of this country and need to have proper facilities.


Resident of Malwani Mhada,

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