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Kashmiri People Complaint - Stone Pelting at our soldiers

The situation in Kashmir is going worst, citizens pelting stones at our protectors (Soldiers) is something we cannot bear the pain.

The love and affection we Indians have for our soldiers is at its level best. But these anti-social elements and anti-Indian people create chaos in India. No one should dare to think to hurt those (soldiers) who are struggling at borders and all over India to protect us. The life our soldiers live with hell lot of struggle, is beyond our imagination.

Even directors of movie cannot portrait the feelings of parents who leave their son to go fight anti-Indian elements.

The video showing kashmiris pelting stones at our soldiers hurts deeply to all the Indians out there in India and abroad.

We request government to take a strict action against all those showing anger against our soldiers. If the need be, kill two-three of those stone pelters to create fear in them. This is the only way out to stop this chaos create by these fools. They are also been supported by our neighbour country. But if, few of them are killed, others won't even dare to think of pelting stones or hurting our soldiers.

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