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Red Bus Complaint - Unethical Behaviour

this is Manisha Gupta. It was my first time when i was booking the ticket though Red bus app. However my experience was real bad. The process was complicated and on top of that I tried twice to book my ticket but all the time , there was some problem, or a technical glitch. When i tried the 3rd time. My ticket didn't book but the money was taken. Then i received a message that a red bus representative will call you in 25 minutes to confirm the seat. After 30 minutes i got back to back messages and email that my ticket has not been confirm yet and the money is SAFE with RED BUS. Then i got an email that your amount will be refund to you within 7 business days...
It was an emergency which is why i was booking a ticket.. The same day I missed my train for which I was booking the ticket..
The worst part is I lost and wasted the money in train first and then almost 700 Rupees got stuck in this RED BUS and on top of this my whole day was wasted because of RED BUS.. Then at the end I need to BOOK a Ticket trough a private agent where i spent another 1500 rupees..Bravo...
Thank you for your help RED BUS.. It was a real worst experience I ever had booking a ticket online.
Thank you.
Will Never Ever Use this service.
[email protected]

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