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Voltas Complaint - Voltas AC 183JY 1.5 Ton, Sensor issues

I bought voltas AC 1.5 Ton split A.C ,in January 2016,hardly 15 months back.
In March 2017,as the summer season started, I switched on A.C,to my surprise some 5 min later, the temperature showing DF, instead of room temperature and no cooling, only air is coming from fan.
I had lodged my complaint to voltas customer care by calling them on Mar 24th 2017( breakdown request no 17032418278).The technician visited and checked the Voltas AC unit. He said that some sensor is malfunctioning and needs to be replaced.I asked him how come it would happen since it is hardly 14 months old ,since the warranty period ended in January 2017.Also,your people came and did the voltas free service in January 2017.
The technician did not answer to my question properly and said that sensor would be replaced with charge.It has been more than two weeks since he came.The technician called after 2 or 3 days of his first visit, and said that he could not get the sensor in the market.When we are calling to the technician no,he is not lifting calls and some times, we get phone not reachable.Everyday, i am calling voltas Customer care,about my complaint status.
They say the same answer like sensor not available,we have palced an order and they will intimatethe technician to purse the issue. Even I talked with some manger there in the customer care. They also responded with the same answer like customer care executives.Sometimes, I could not get the managers in customer care in line as they were busy with their office meetings or due to work aspects.Then, the customer care executive will say that our manager is busy,he shall call on your number and talk.But the manger never calls.I have to wait for the manger call for the day.On the next day, I again call the customer care,again same answers from them. I got fed up with the Voltas AC and their Customer Care.I feel the Voltas AC people are careless about customer issues in taking or resolving the issues.
They are least bothered, and also,i feel that Voltas has dispatched a defective unit when I bought the A.C.I have no clue nor voltas AC people when they are likely to close this issue.
I don't know for how many days I have to wait for this thing to be resolved. As the summer is picking up day by day, we are experiencing severe heat waves during day and night.
I have other AC's which is not Voltas, thankfully which i bought 3 years back.I never had any issue with it.I repent my decision of buying voltas AC and also suggest relations and friends not to buy Voltas.. I also, came to know that there are many concerns from various customers across india who had bad experience with Voltas AC and their Customer Care.

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