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Lenovo Complaint - Worst faulty product delivered not replacing

Hello Awaz pehredaar,

I never thought that I have to rewrite to you after stating all the problems I'm facing in my Lenovo K6 power. I thought the clear instructions in your email will be enough for the smartphone department to act effectively and fast leading to desired result.

But I'm sorry to say that I received a pathetic response for the most pathetic device I have got from Lenovo. Either the smartphone department of yours consider me as an illiterate or an idiot who doesn't have any idea about the smartphones and will buy their simple settings and best practices as a solution for the various hardware problem this mobile has. Even the audacity with which they are refusing for the replacement of a product which is just 5 days old is highly condemnable.

For your kind information the smartphone Team, iam a software engineer and using Android devices from past 5 years. I know all the best practices and smart tips and various settings you have provided as response. Also I have followed and applied the same to my device. So please don't challenge my knowledge about handling smartphones.

Now coming to the persisting problems with my device both hardware and software, I will give details of each problem below and also about the various best practices and settings I'm using while working on my mobile, yet it has plenty of software and hardware glitch. Do read my mail carefully before reaching to any conclusion sending your response.

Firstly it's right side speaker at the back panel of mobile doesn't work properly, the sound coming from it is distorted, breaking and variates. I also checked the same using your Lenovo companion diagnostic tool. Also the mobile phone doesn't have back cover or any sticker above speaker. Whereas the left side speaker works fine. Hope this will give you a clear idea that this is a speaker problem which comes under hardware.

Secondly the mobile has been reset twice and also updated with the given Lenovo security patch. Also I regularly clear the background applications and restricted all the applications which runs on background in the system settings. Even using these best practices and settings for ram management the mobile gets hang during connecting or disconnecting voice call, the screen gets freeze and I'm not able to perform any action so have to restart the device. I hope this will also give you clear picture of this defective mobile piece.

Thirdly under room/air-cooled condition the mobile doesn't heat, either iam using 46 or voice calling but the moment I use the same in outside condition under the shade the mobile gets overheated a lot. Also I would like to clarify that during such use no background applications running, no wifi no GPS on, all the settings are set to best ram management. Hope this also clears your doubts on my phone usage/management

Forthly even when all the applications are cleared from running in the background, which I regularly do and restricted all applications to run in background, sometimes the various applications start running on mobile screen one after the another abruptly, without any kind of initiation from my end.

Also the battery drain issue which I mentioned is happening because of the latest Lenovo security patch installed because prior to it the battery was working fine under the same working conditions and my mobile management. Hope this will also give you the insight on the problems your security patch update is causing.

Lastly but not least, the mobile screen flickers while browsing webpages scrolling up/down that too under very mobile managed conditions, no background applications running, using the updated version of Google Chrome browser. Also here I would like to let you know that all the software installed are updated to current version, and ram settings has been managed to its best, and the settings you have instructed has already been followed.

So now I hope this mail is as clear as distilled water and even a 10 year old boy can clearly distinguish the hardware and software problems this mobile phone has. No settings and ram management and best practices is left on this earth which I have not implemented in this mobile set.

And after this detailed mail, the response from Lenovo smartphone Team remains the same and the refuse to provide a proper replacement for a 5 days old product delivered, will take it higher level.

Sudipto, I think of you as a reasonable person who can distinguish between right and wrong and can take this matter to its logical conclusion, satisfying my requested resolution.

But the smartphone Team has really disappointed me, which is expected of them as they never accept their fault and consider their pathetic policies higher than a consumer's real pain/agony.

I writing the same to consumer forum and registering complaint against both Flipkart and Lenovo, clearly mentioning these defects/issues with the mobile and also the pathetic policies mentioned for not providing the replacement.

I hope Sudipto you will understand the plight of a consumer and will act righteously against the pain/dissatisfaction/cheat caused to me.

I hope, me being right and opting for Lenovo but getting the worst mobile set will be considered before making any decision on this matter and will resolve it to its best.

Manish Dwivedi

Worst faulty product delivered not replacing

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